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Gorgeous diaper bag

I just received this gorgeous Coco Alexander bag and I’m so excited to use it when our little one arrives. What a beautiful product and such a lovely baby shower gift!

Very cool, original and thoughtful gift

This was the thank you note our gift receiver sent to the gift giver.

“A huge thank you to you for the gorgeous Nappy bag! It’s actually very beautiful and 100% my style!! I love the quilted pattern and I cannot wait to use it on a day out! Very cool, original and thoughtful gift! Thank you very much!”

All in all this has been a life saver!! 10/10 would recommend!!!

The Coco Alexander nappy bag has saved me from a total poo storm on more than one occasion, getting passport pics taken, in the middle of a restaurant, in the stair well of an old walk up building, When little Charlotte goes she really goes!!!! The compartments make it super easy to get o everything I need quickly and easily plus a safe clean place to lay her down while I clean my self up. I can get the bag out from the buggy and lay it out all one handed and fold it away with one hand too. So my wriggly little girl is safe. Plus the added bonus of being able to sling it over my shoulder when in a fancy restaurant and walk to the changing rooms with her without feeling too ‘mumsy’

All in all this has been a life saver!! 10/10 would recommend!!!

Easy to use

Super easy to easy and clean - nice looking! Please add a strap for a bottle and it would be perfect!

Hi Kashish,

Thanks so much for your review of the Coco Alexander Diaper Bag and your suggestion. We have another bag in the pipeline that’ll be perfect to add bottles into. And in the mean time we’ll think about how to add a strap for bottles to this bag.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Beautiful but a little bit bulky

This changing clutch is so beautiful and practical! Love how soft it is. It gets a little bit bulky the more you put in, but anyway compact compared to those huge diaper bags.

Hi Taylor,

Thanks so much for your review of the Coco Alexander Diaper Bag. When designing the bag we tried to keep it as compact as possible yet with the ability to really pack it when needed.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Import Taxes

All good. But had to pay additional import taxes because the item was delivered from Hong Kong. Didn't know about that though

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your feedback. We're so sorry you didn't realise there would be taxes involved. This is only applicable for certain countries such as the UK and Europe.

At checkout there are 4 options for shipping - 3 that don't include import tax and 1 that does include import tax. The 3 that don't include the import tax have the tax estimated that will be applicable. For countries with no import tax, this will be stated at checkout.

Sadly we can't circumnavigate import tax as its controlled by the destination country. We're sorry this has reduced your shopping experience.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Baby gift

I bought it as gift for my mom-to-be friend. She loves it so much. The bag is so pretty and modern, the material is so good and well designed for mom and baby. The gift is beautifully wrapped. I'm please to know there is sustainable packaging option too.

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your lovely feedback. We're so pleased your friend loves the bag, so much love went into developing the bag so its great to receive this feedback.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Beat baby bag ever!

Love, love, love this bag. Bought it for my sister-in-law in the UK and she loves it too. I only wish they had something as stylish around when I had my kids! Well done Coco Alexander!

Hi Maninder,

Thanks for your lovely feedback. We're so pleased your sister in law loves the Coco Alexander Diaper Bag, we loved designing and developing it.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Awesome bag!!

I’ve bought this bag for my friend’s baby shower. It’s an amazing bag, material is really high quality and it’s so versatile and stylish.

My friend loves it, takes it everywhere with her and she receives compliments all the time.

Definitely worth considering if you want something so beautiful.

Hi Thavy,

Thanks for your lovely feedback. We're so pleased your friend loves the Coco Alexander Diaper Bag, we loved designing and developing it. We put a lot of effort into sourcing the materials so it's great our mamas are appreciating them.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Gift For Pregnant Wife

Bought it as a gift for my pregnant wife. She loved it… but let's see if she will use it while having a baby.

Chic and Quality Diaper Wrap

The materials are so soft to lay delicate babies head on for diaper changes. I love my wrap with the gold chain. The fact the whole bag can be washed sets it apart. I’m so happy to have such a chic and useful tool.

Hi Courtney,

Thanks for your lovely feedback. So much love went into the designing and developing the Coco Alexander Diaper Bag and it makes us soooo happy when our customers love it and love using it.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

A strap would make this bag perfect

The diaper bag is beautiful and looks exactly how it is in the photos, but honestly the strap is missing. Sometimes it's quite difficult to hold a baby in one hand and the bag in the other. Would be much easier if I could just hang it on my shoulder.

Hi Katie,

Thanks so much for your feedback. Since purchasing your Coco Alexander Nappy Bag we have developed a chain strap that goes with the bag, you have 3 colours to choose from gold, silver or gun metal. We are going to send you an email with a discount code so you can purchase one.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team


It looks great and fits easily into a larger bag but for me the best thing is that I can leave the house with only this and have everything I need. The material is soft on my baby's skin and the multiple pockets mean you're always prepared. I never leave the house without it!

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for your great review and photo of your gorgeous baby. We love finding out how our customers use the Coco Alexander Diaper bag and love that you are throwing it in your own larger bag and using it as a 'Diaper Bag Organiser'.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Fashionable and gorgeous. Must-Have indeed!

Bought it as a gift for my friend.

I’m not a person to write comments but this is something I wanted to share.

I’m from EU and honestly I couldn’t find anything similar here in Europe. So happy that I’ve found CA on Instagram!!!

The bag is gorgeous. You can feel the highest quality from the first touch. It’s very functional and I’m sure every mama would appreciate that ❤️

Thanks CA for such a great gift idea, no need to break your brain with another baby shower gifts.

It's so easy to use and carries everything we need

We love the changing mat, it's so good and easy to use. We can fit everything inside it, including the nappies and reusable pads. We used it yesterday in a restaurant on a bench because they didn't have a changing room and it was a breeze. It's a seriously good product and we really love the feel of the material too.


I love using this baby changing bag. It looks great and fits nicely in my designer totes. No mummy bag for me...

Love ❤️ 10/10

Absolutely love the Coco Alexander baby changing clutch. Plenty of room for all the essentials without compromising on style... the perfect choice for the trend-conscious mama who doesn’t want to carry around a bulky (and unfashionable) nappy bag! It’s gorgeous, glamorous and practical all at the same time. Love ❤️ 10/10

Every mum needs this changing bag

I was one of the lucky ones that got to test drive the nappy clutch back in 2014 with my son and then later on with my daughter. This changing bag is a fantastic addition to your armoury, easy to use and throw into your favorite handbag. I work full time so when it gets to time with my kids I want easy, functional and fuss free. I would always get compliments on the changing bag when ever I was out and about with it. I'm so glad it's now available for everyone to buy.

Thanks Tanya for being our guinea pig whilst we developed our nappy wrap as we used to call it! You've really helped the nappy bag become what it is today.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Matches my outfits

I'm really pleased with my little one's changing mat. We are always out and about together and find it so functional. It's also the perfect accessory to any of my outfits.

Hi Lyndsay thanks for leaving Coco Alexander a review we really appreciate it and love that our diaper changing bag matches all your outfits, this is exactly what we wanted when designing it.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team


Oh my god, I've just received my bag and I love it. I can't wait for our baby to arrive so I can start using it.
UPDATE: I've been using the Coco Alexander nappy bag since Emily arrived back in March and its amazing. All my friend love it and now its my go to baby shower gift!

Hi Sarah, thanks for leaving you review. We love that you love our changing bag. Please let us know how you have got on using it.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Great product

Great product and great service. I bought this as a gift for my sister in law and she loves it.

Hi Sam thanks for leaving a review and your compliment on our service and our baby changing bag.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

Love Love Love

I love my baby changing bag. It's amazing how it doesn't look anything like a baby changing bag and it's got so many hidden functions, in particular the zip out inner is coming handy, it's so easy to put in the washing machine so I really don't care if my little one makes a mess.

Thanks Sarah, we are really pleased you love your diaper bag and all the functionality it brings. Thank you for supporting Coco Alexander.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team