Why the Coco Alexander Bag was Developed

Why the Coco Alexander Bag was Developed

The Reason behind the Design and Development of the Coco Alexander Diaper Bag

The Coco Alexander Diaper Bag’s founder, Emma, is a designer and mother of two. She was the one who designed and introduced this chic yet functional diaper-changing bag that could perfectly match every mom’s outfit of the day.  

After the birth of her daughter, Coco, twelve years ago, and their daily visits to their local coffee shop, she encountered two challenging plights. Emma came up with an idea to design and develop a fashionable yet handy diaper bag because of the lack of diaper changing facilities at many public places. 

For moms like us, changing our little one’s diaper in the sink, floor, etc. is quite frustrating, or should we say, it’s simply not acceptable. Such a situation is awkward and uncomfortable not only for us, but for our babies, and any onlookers. 

Not to mention, Emma also found the lack of trendy yet user-friendly modernistic diaper changing bags saddening. Since most diaper bags’ designs nowadays seem to look the same, she wanted a different style that also satisfies moms’ sense of fashion. More importantly, something that boosts their confidence despite the challenges of being a mom. As moms, aren’t these exactly the things we want to stand up for?

Just like all moms, the founder believes that being a mom does not mean you have to sacrifice being you and carry cartoon-themed diaper bags when you’re all dressed up or even running out of the house in your Lululemons. So, she wondered where you could find a diaper bag that also considers mom’s “fashion preference”. We are surrounded by countless shops; however, it seems classy diaper bags are rare. 

In a nutshell, as moms, we should not forget our own needs, rights, and preferences.

For moms like us, it is essential to remind ourselves that we are still the same person we were before children. Of course, aside from motherhood, we all have a penchant for fashion and designer bags, so we shouldn’t be deprived of this. In other words, as moms, we should not abandon our fondness for style just because we’ve now had a baby to take care of. 

So, to cut a long story short, after several months of thorough research and planning, Emma finally developed the idea of the Coco Alexander Diaper Bag. This bag appears like a stylish clutch on the outside, but it transforms into a very useful “pocket for everything” inside once you open it. It contains many pockets meant for diaper-changing essentials.

XOXO The Coco Alexander Team

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