Travel with Mum and Content Creator Camilla

Travel with Mum and Content Creator Camilla

Camilla Mount | @camillamount

Each month we put the spotlight on moms / artists / content creators / fun lovers... that inspire us, challenge us, motivate us. Our muses!

Our muses have graciously given up their time to share insight into their lives. We hope you enjoy reading about them, and what makes them tick, as much as we have enjoyed working with them.

We asked Camilla to tell us a little about herself...

Camilla - "I'm a first-time mum currently based in London, I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Sydney and have lived in Italy and studied in Beijing. I have always had a thirst for travel and adventure, plus an appetite to match! Following over six years as a full-time Digital Marketing Manager in the fashion industry, I now work remotely as a freelance Social Media Manager & Content Creator."

Camilla talks about travel pre Kylo

Camilla - "Pre-pandemic and Kylo, I was probably travelling once a month! I would usually pack a week before the trip and have all my outfits planned and a full itinerary of what to eat and where to go."

...and travel with Kylo!

Camilla - "Things take a lot longer than you think, so always allow extra time for getting to places. Also, it's crazy how many things a baby needs when travelling. His stuff takes up more than half of my suitcase!"

Camilla's tips for traveling with a little one


- "A baby carrier is a must! It's great for the airport and especially on the plane when trying to get them to nap or just so you have your hands free. Pack lots of snacks and more wipes than you think you need! Toys not so much, they seem to find more enjoyment in the random items you can find at the airport like paper cups and straws."

We asked Camilla when she can imagine taking Kylo skiing

Camilla - "Hopefully soon! I absolutely love skiing and started when I was 3 years old so I definitely want to get him on the slopes ASAP. I mean how cute would he look in a ski suit?!"

Camilla talks about her love of neutral and comfort

Camilla - "Beige, literally my whole wardrobe is different shades of beige. You won't find one black item of clothing in my closet, it's either neutral or colourful. I've definitely had to adjust my style since becoming a mum and mainly wear pieces that are comfortable and easy to move around in. I'm also now a serial outfit repeater. I don't remember the last time I wore heels. Comfort is key now!"

What’s been your biggest hurdle since Kylo was born...

Camilla - "Refraining from Googling absolutely everything like why is my baby making dinosaur noises when he sleeps?"

... and how do you balance content creating, Kylo and tricky clients?

Camilla - "Luckily for me, I don't have any tricky clients but balancing work and mum life is not the easiest. I usually do it during his naps or once he's asleep at night. When you work for yourself, you end up doing a lot of it over the weekends."

Our final question is from Kate Wood - Apart from your Coco Alexander bag ;) what are your top three must-have items for a new mum overwhelmed by all the things you need?


"1. Konny baby sling (Kylo had reflux and hated lying flat so he basically lived in the sling for the first few months)

2. Hatch sound machine/nightlight

3. A 360° rotating baby car seat (this will save your back)"


Do you have a story you'd like to share with us or would you like to nominate someone inspiring to you, leave the IG handle below in the comments box and we'll get in touch!

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