Anti-microbial and water repellent finish

We have then done everything we can to make sure your diaper changing bag remains water repellent (wee repellant) and doesn’t harbour bacteria.

You can’t put our beautiful faux leather outer in the wash so we have made it fully detachable from the inner with a child proof zipper from YKK.

The internal part of the faux is quilted to padding for extra baby comfort and we have lined this with 100% recycled polyester woven fabric that has been finished with Dupont Silvadur and Scotchgard water repellent.

The main internal fabric is super soft 2 layers of jersey bonded together and finished with SilverClear and Silvadur.

In a nutshell SilverClear and Silvadur kill bacteria and bad odour, so in between washes you know your baby is in safe hands with our nappy changing bag.

The Scotchgard water repellent finish helps to keep the nappy changing bag dry so your baby’s bottom is comfortable when being changed.

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